Dermatologically tested

for sensitive skin

for sensitive skin On the basis of the results of application test and the opinion of the dermatologist,
it is stated that the Silk Pillowcases by Dariia Day provide significant beauty benefits.

for your healthy, glowing skin,
beautiful hair
& more
every morning!

100% of questioned confirm the
effectiveness of silk pillowcase
by Dariia Day
declare the further use


Percent of those questioned

said that Silk Pillowcase by Dariia Day...

doesn’t leave creases on the skin

is soothing, delicate and gentle
for the skin

that after 3 weeks of using the skin
condition is already improved

helps your hair in the morning being
less messy and frizzy

keeps your hairstyle in much
better condition every morning

less lost hair on the pillowcase
in the morning
(solution for hair loose)

has comfortable temperature
helps to fall asleep more relaxed

is effective and much better than
any other pillowcase used before
willing to use the pillowcase regularly

after first night spent
on silk pillowcase by Dariia Day
felt the difference

* application test made on 25 women 25-40 years old, every night for 3 weeks under control of dermatologist

& more reasons to sleep on silk Pillowcases

by Dariia Day

The smooth surface of silk allows the skin to glide across the pillowcase without creasing on the skin, this helps to prevent side wrinkles.

As silk is less absorbing than cotton, it helps to keep your skin hydrated and glowing and your hair healthy and shiny.

Silk is ideal choice for people with problematic skin conditions such as acne, eczema or even sunburn because it does not irritate the skin as being so soft, natural and gentle.


Silk is calming to the nervous system, stimulates many sensory points of our skin reducing stress so you fall asleep easier.

Silk pillowcases by DariiaDay are certi ed with non-harmful substances & are naturally hypoallergenic.

The nest Mulberry silk used to produce pillowcases by Dariia Day is 100% natural and pure, which gives your skin ease of breathing and a healthy comfort.


Silk pillowcases by DariiaDay are made from the luxurious 25 momme; this exclusive weight gives the luxurious quality.

Silk pillowcases by DariiaDay don’t need to be dry cleaned. We recommend hand wash or gentle machine wash.

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Sleeping on silk is like a massage for your senses. The composition of the silk is very similar to human skin cells . Silk is soothing, calming and nourishing thanks to the nest silk composition suitable even for a child's skin.


Dermatologically tested

for sensitive skin

Sleeping on Silk Pillowcases by Dariia Day will help your hairstyle last longer, no more ‘bed head’ in the morning!
It is also a perfect way to keep your curls in good condition!

# Blush Pink
# French Beige
# Powder White

The difference

between our Silk Pillowcase and the regular cotton pillowcase

It took Dariia Day more than 2 years to learn, research, develop and create the best Silk Pillowcaseses
which are the perfect beauty tool to complete your beauty routine even for the most sensitive skin.

The Silk Pillowcases were dermatologically tested and certified for non-harmful substances.

Silk Pillowcase by Dariia Day
regular cotton pillowcase

Microsope image (100 x magnification) comparing the structure of our Silk Pillowcase and regular cotton pillowcase.

Recommended by the experts

Dariia Day | the founder, Makeup artist and beauty expert based in Paris

‘It is time to take care of the quality of your sleep, this will increase your energy, positive mind and your beauty!
We spent so much time of our life on the pillowcases! It is so important to choose the one which is the best for your beauty and your comfort at night. Our dermatologically tested delicate and soothing silk pillowcases made of natural proteins are designed for your beauty, it is incredible relief for the sensitive and problematic skin and the hair. Extremely pleasant and effortless night beauty treatment that I personally fell in love with and I recommended to all my celebrity clients.’

Mike Desir | hair Stylist from Paris

‘Sleeping on Silk Pillowcases by Dariia Day will change the condition of your hair! After every single night you forget what the bed head is. I recommend them to all my clients, especially for curly hair or for fragile hair after the hair dye.’

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