Dermatologically approved

for sensitive skin

After testing Silk Pillowcases by Dariia Day, our dermatologist and volunteers all agree that the pillowcases provide significant beauty benefits.

for your healthy, glowing skin,
beautiful hair
& more
every morning!

100% of questioned confirm the
effectiveness of silk pillowcase
by Dariia Day
declare the further use


Percent of those questioned

said that Silk Pillowcase by Dariia Day...

Skin was crease-free in the morning

The material was soothing, delicate and gentle

After 3 weeks of use, skin showed noticeable improvements

Hair was less tangled and frizzy in the morning

Hair was more manageable and in better condition

Less hair left on the pillow 
(a good solution for preventing hair loss)

Silk retained a comfortable temperature
aided in falling asleep more relaxed

More effective and better than any other pillowcase used before
plan to continue using the pillowcase nightly

noticed a difference after just the first night’s sleep 

* Tests were carried out under the supervision of a dermatologist on 25 female volunteers, ages 25-40 years old, every night over a 3-week period.

& more reasons to sleep on Silk Pillowcases

by Dariia Day

Skin glides across the smooth surface of the silk without creasing the skin, preventing the formation of wrinkles.

Silk is less absorbent than cotton, leaving skin more hydrated and glowing, and hair healthier and shinier.

Silk is the ideal choice for anyone with problematic skin conditions such as acne, eczema or even sunburn. The smooth surface is gentle and non-abrasive and won’t irritate the skin.


Silk is calming to the nervous system and stimulates many of the skin’s sensory points, reducing stress so you fall asleep easier.

Silk pillowcases by Dariia Day are naturally hypoallergenic and certified to not contain any harmful substances.

Silk pillowcases by Dariia Day are made using only the best quality, all-natural, 100% pure mulberry silk, which is comfortable and breathable against the skin.


We use the most exclusive 25mm weight silk for our pillowcases, giving you the most luxurious sleep experience possible. 

Silk pillowcases by DariiaDay don’t need to be dry cleaned. We recommend hand washing or a gentle machine wash.

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Sleeping on silk is like a massage for your senses. The composition of the silk is very similar to human skin cells. Silk is soothing, calming and nourishing, and thanks to its naturally gentle composition, it is even suitable for children’s delicate skin. 


Dermatologically tested

for sensitive skin

No more ‘bed head’! Sleeping on Silk Pillowcases by Dariia Day will help you extend your hairstyle!
It is also a perfect way to keep your curls in good condition, leaving hair frizz-free and hydrated!

# Blush Pink
# French Beige
# Powder White

The difference

between a Silk Pillowcase and a regular cotton pillowcase

It took Dariia Day more than 2 years to study, research, develop and create the best silk pillowcases, which are the perfect beauty tool to compliment the beauty routine of even those with the most sensitive skin.

Our Silk Pillowcases are dermatologically-tested and certified to contain no harmful substances.

Silk Pillowcase by Dariia Day
regular cotton pillowcase

Microscopic image (100 x magnification) comparing the structure of our silk pillowcase with a regular cotton pillowcase.

Recommended by experts

Dariia Day | Founder, makeup artist and beauty expert, based in Paris

‘It is time to improve the quality of your sleep! Our pillowcases will help improve your energy level, mindset and beauty!  We spend so much of our life with our head on the pillow! Who knew that just choosing the right pillowcase could be so important, not only for your comfort at night, but also for your beauty. Our dermatologically-tested pillowcases, made of natural proteins, are delicate and soothing, and designed to help you get the true beauty sleep that you deserve. They can also provide incredible relief for those with sensitive and problematic skin and hair. It’s an extremely satisfying and effortless night beauty treatment that I, personally, fell in love with and recommended to all my celebrity clients’

Mike Desir | Hair stylist from Paris

‘Sleeping on Silk Pillowcases by Dariia Day will change the condition of your hair! After sleeping on one, you will forget what bed head even is. I recommend them to all my clients, especially for those with curly hair or hair that is fragile after colouring.’

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