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Silk to calm your mind Five senses to build your sleep ritual

Finding a right sleep ritual is perhaps the most important thing you can do to improve your life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to enter your bedroom and know that everything is just right and you are lucky to spend a few hours sleeping in your bed? Proper sleep promotes better health, mind power and also leaves you energised, less stressed or anxious. The end of the day is as important as its beginning, so it is extremely important to do it right.

Trusting your senses in order to create a great sleeping environment sounds like a reasonable plan. Once connected they make you feel whole and allow you to step into the world of dreams effortlessly.  


Taste – the importance of supper

The last meal you eat before going to bed is more important than you think. Certain products may improve your rest or completely ruin it. It is hard to believe that food can make you feel tired in the morning but it is true. We have already talked about it in our Eat and Sleep Better article.

How about making your supper a ritual which will send a message to your body that it is time to prepare for some well-deserved rest? Choose food items which will promote sleep and make a great habit to end the day. A cup of hot plant milk with an addition of adaptogens like ashwagandha will lull you to sleep. You may also choose camomile or lavender tea commonly known for their relaxing properties. You may also get ready to have By Dariia Day Morning Blooming Tea to start a day fully energised.


Hearing – the sound of silence

When it comes to what we hear once we lay down to sleep it is a question of what suits us best. Silence is something that some people would swear by, for others it is as much of a distraction as loud traffic outside. Sounds which surround us are truly a matter of taste and you need to see what suits you best by trial and error.

Abrupt sounds are definitely out of the picture, so it is better to remove anything that could potentially wake you up at night. Those who need some background noise to relax may try using technology in their favour. There are plenty of apps for your smartphone which can help you fall asleep by creating background sounds. Why don’t you try Aura or Atmoshpere. You can choose from a library of sounds or customise your own playlist and most importantly a built-in timer will switch it off when you finally fall asleep. As easy as that.


Sight – what we can’t see

Our body needs to know it is finally time to rest. It is a good habit to reduce light in your house as a beginning of your sleep ritual. Our inner timer will receive a message it is time to wind down. Scientifically, complete darkness is the best sleeping habitat for humans. If it is too much for you, try reducing light as much as possible: draw the curtains, plug off all unnecessary blinking light emitting devices and plunge into the ocean of soothing stillness. You may also try sleeping with By Dariia Day Silk Eye Mask. They will improve your sleep quality and block all unnecessary light sources.

It is also wise to switch off all electronic devices. Watching a film late at night or scrolling through social media feed instead of preparing us for sleep, makes us more active. Blue light emitted by the screens is the culprit. It boosts cortisol and suppresses melatonin levels. They trick our brain into thinking we are not fatigued and keep us alert. If you prefer, you can switch your devices to night mode but it is far wiser to get rid of them one hour before going to bed.


Smell – the subtle background of sleep

Stiff air is a big no when it comes to sleep. Make sure your bedroom is properly ventilated, not too cold and not too hot. Then you may add this extra something which will create great connotations and become a ritual itself. Smell is a potent sense which can bring strong memories so make sure you make the most of it to create a great environment for relaxation.

A few drops of essential oils (such as lavender, chamomile, cedarwood or sandal wood for example) in an aroma diffuser will quickly turn your bedroom into a wonderful spot you want to spend time in. Their relaxing properties will also make it easier for you to fall asleep.

You may also try using pillow sprays. Their carefully curated aroma blend helps you relax and sleep throughout the night. An excellent choice is This Works – Deep Sleep Pillow Spray sprayed over your pillow, which will calm the nerves.


Touch – immersing into the world of dreams

Your bedroom is ready to give you the best sleep possible. You are surrounded by calmness and stillness of a soothing world you have created. The only sense, and probably the most crucial, is touch. It would be a shame to ruin everything with a pillow you hate or sheets that just don’t feel right.

Remember your bed is your sacred place, so make sleep enjoyable. Choose the bedding which will be your best night companion. To make the experience even better, use By Dariia Day Silk Pillow Cases and Silk Bedding to make most of your night sleep. Silk is breathable, and incredibly delicate to your skin, so it creates the perfect environment for your rest during both summer and winter. It is a choice which will make sleep something you look forward to.

If you need something extra to help you relax, why don’t you try a weighted blanket. It is an innovative product which helps you feel more secure and at ease. Its construction covers your body with a slight and constant pressure so it feels like a gentle and warm hug. 


by Anna Sokołowska

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