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Silk in your beauty routine Silk Story by Dariia Day

Celebrate 7 years with "Silk Story by Dariia Day" Discover the luxurious journey of silk, transforming beauty rituals and enhancing well-being. Elevate your sleep with silk accessories. #SilkStory #byDariiaDay #Beauty #WellBeing #LuxurySilk

Embark on a mesmerizing journey with "Silk Story by Dariia Day", where the last 7 years have woven a tale of beauty, well-being, and sheer luxury in silk. Founder by Dariia Day invites you to explore the transformative power of silk, its impact on nightly rituals, and the art of embracing a lifestyle enriched by beauty and well-being.

The Silk Advantage: Elevating Your Nightly Ritual with Silk Story

At the heart of "Silk Story by Dariia Day" lies the exquisite quality of 25 momme weight Mulberry silk. Immerse yourself in the world of silk properties that extend beyond aesthetics, enhancing the sensory experience of beauty and well-being. From the caress of a silk sleeping mask on sensitive skin to the grace of a silk hairband, each product tells a story of luxury, comfort, and rejuvenation.

How did it all start? The by DariiaDay Silk Story

About fifteen years ago, when I was dealing with sensitive skin and rosacea, something special happened during my trip to Asia. I discovered the magic of a silk pillowcase, and it changed everything. This discovery became the starting point for the Silk Story by Dariia Day.

Enchanted by the luxurious touch and undeniable benefits of silk, my first pillowcase became a constant companion, traveling with me across continents. The turning point came when I accidentally left my beloved silk pillowcase in a hotel. Unable to find a pure silk replacement back in Paris, I faced the dilemma of settling for a mixed fabric with cotton. This experience deepened my appreciation for the unique qualities of silk, ultimately leading me to the decision to create my own silk pillowcases.

Fueled by my passion and armed with the knowledge of silk's extraordinary properties, I initiated conversations with friends, fellow artists, and journalists. I shared my experiences and the incredible benefits of this remarkable material. The dream started taking shape—a wish to bring the best silk to Europe and make a range of products that not only care for sensitive skin but also make everyday life a bit more luxurious. And so, the Silk Story by Dariia Day was conceived. It became more than a brand; it became a manifestation of my personal journey, a commitment to values, and a dedication to enhancing the well-being of individuals.

As part of the 7th-anniversary celebration, founder Dariia Day shares her personal journey and the story behind "Silk Story by Dariia Day" in an exclusive video.

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Dariia Day

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Dariia Day is a top makeup artist and beauty expert who works across the globe with biggest names in fashion. At the young age of 16, Dariia dedicated herself to her craft and has never looked back. Today, she consults for and collaborates with top international beauty brands, has done numerous Vogue covers, and is in demand by celebrities. Her beautiful editorial work in showcased in magazines such as Vogue Paris, Vogue Italia, Vogue UK, Numero Paris, Vanity Fair, and Elle - among many others. A social media maven and content creator with an entrepreneurial streak, her incredible adventure in fashion and beauty allowed her to discover one to the best-kept beauty secrets: the silk pillowcase.

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