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Silk to calm your mind Lifestyle and wellbeing by Dariia Day

I want to share a personal story with you. Four years ago, I was working on many different projects, travelling a lot, and launching my own brand all at the same time. Because I always wanted to give 100%, I put so much emotional pressure on myself. All the stressful situations, problems, things that didn’t work out, sleepless nights, and difficult decisions led over time to a complete burn out.

The main problems were that I put too much pressure on myself, I worked too much, didn’t sleep enough, and over-stressed my body. I often stayed up until 4 am to finish my projects and sometimes even worked through the entire night which was such a bad thing to do to my body, mind, and health.

I knew that I needed to begin my inner work in order to strengthen my mind, find inner peace, and heal and calm my body. From there, I knew I could find myself again and build a strong, healthy me and be passionate about everything I do. I took my time and started reading books about the importance of the present moment and mindfulness, started to meditate, and prioritise quality sleep, contact with nature, nutrition, and exercise.

Over the course of these past four years of self care and inner work, I experienced the transformation of my mind. Today, I feel consistently happy and healthy. And even though my body has the tendency to remind me of my health issues when I push too hard (I still face stressful situations, risks, and difficult decisions every day as an entrepreneur), if I maintain balance, good quality sleep and self care I can protect my health.

Through meditation I learned to recognise my emotions and strengthen my mind. I exercise a lot, which is so important, because it brings so much positive energy and an even stronger, clearer mind. I surround myself with positive people, music, and things that I like. I also changed my diet, which is a very personal journey. I did tests for food intolerances and allergies and follow the resulting guidelines. I also started to intuitively feel what my body likes and dislikes in terms of nutrition.

As a result of my transformation, I can continue to express my passion even if I work long hours, challenge myself consistently, and develop many projects simultaneously - including my brand which is like my baby.

Sometimes we can’t avoid difficult situations, problems, and stress. They are a natural part of life, but it is up to us to filter out the negative and choose positivity and tranquillity. It is so important to work on your inner self and love and care about yourself. Then you can be ready to care for others and tackle everything life brings you.

I built By Dariia Day because of my transformation. I now know the importance of self care, self love, quality sleep, and a peaceful and happy mind. It gives you the strength to follow your dreams and reminds to you to be present and to love yourself.

I finally feel ready to share my story. I created a magazine blog on to write about self care and well being. As we all know, beauty isn’t created with makeup alone.

People often tell me that I am very zen and that I have a calm, soothing energy. It makes me smile because it reminds me of all that I went through. To be honest, I do feel zen but at the same time I am energetic and I am naturally a workaholic. I love to be active, be challenged, build and reach my dreams, make every day special, stay open to people and to life, and live 100%. But through it all, my mind has become so peaceful. This is the energy I want to share also with you.

Remember to take care of yourself!

Dariia Day

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Dariia Day

makeup artist and beauty expert


Dariia Day is a top makeup artist and beauty expert who works across the globe with biggest names in fashion. At the young age of 16, Dariia dedicated herself to her craft and has never looked back. Today, she consults for and collaborates with top international beauty brands, has done numerous Vogue covers, and is in demand by celebrities. Her beautiful editorial work in showcased in magazines such as Vogue Paris, Vogue Italia, Vogue UK, Numero Paris, Vanity Fair, and Elle - among many others. A social media maven and content creator with an entrepreneurial streak, her incredible adventure in fashion and beauty allowed her to discover one to the best-kept beauty secrets: the silk pillowcase.

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