Powder White
by Dariia Day

The perfect complement to your beauty routine

The perfect complement to your beauty routine. Crafted from the highest grade 25 momme organic mulberry silk. These soft and smooth pillowcases reduce the formation of sleeping creases, help your skin retain moisture, reduce bed head and split ends and provide significant beauty benefits. Help your hairstyle last longer. Dermatologically tested and hypo-allergenic.

For your skin

Our dermatologically-tested silk pillowcases and eye masks are soothing and gentle, ideal for sensitive skin. The smooth surface is an anti-ageing wonder, reducing the formation of creases from sleeping that can lead to wrinkles. A great complement to any beauty routine.

For your hair

Hair glides across the smooth surface of the pillowcase, reducing friction that often causes damage like split ends or, worse, hair loss. It can also help your hairstyle last longer.

For your comfort

Our silk pillowcases and eye masks are exquisitely soft, well-designed and able to retain a comfortable temperature. Made from the highest quality, pure 25mm mulberry silk, our pillowcases will turn every night of sleep into a luxurious and relaxing experience.

For better sleep

The combination of our silk pillowcase and eye mask helps you relax more deeply, falling asleep with greater ease. Silk balances your senses, calms the nervous system, and stimulates many sensory points of our skin, enhancing the quality of your sleep, whether nestled in your own bed or while travelling.

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